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A color palette generator, converter etc.

CSS Box Shadows Generator

Fluid type scale calculator

Calculates fluid type scale font sizes for responsive design.

Custom Shape Dividers

A free tool to make it easier for designers and developers to export a beautiful SVG shape divider.

Google Webfonts Helper

A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts

Easing Gradients

Linear gradients often have hard edges where they start and/or end. We can avoid those by controlling the color mix with easing functions.

Shadow Palette Generator

Create a set of lush, realistic CSS shadows

URL-encoder for SVG

Encoded SVG can be used in background, in border-image or in mask


An all-around generator with blob, wave, gradients, low poly, and other modes, that can be further individually customized.


fffuel is a collection of color tools and free SVG generators for gradients, patterns, backgrounds & decorative graphics

Grainy Gradient playground

Explore the parameters that make up noisy gradients.

BASE64 Image

Convert your images to base64

Type Scale

A Visual Type Scale

CSS Hexagon, Please

CSS Hexagon Generator

Tint & Shade Generator

The purpose of this tool is to accurately produce tints (pure white added) and shades (pure black added) of a given hex color in 10% increments.

Remove objects, people, text and defects from any picture

Notion Avatar Maker

Choose your styles

Image Color Finder

Pick the best color combinations in any of your photos!


Pinter New Image turns photos into funky and fun line images.


Blobs – Generate beautiful blob shapes for web and flutter apps.

Parametric Color Mixer

A color palette composer inspired by audio parametric equalizers. Create beautiful color palettes with a scientific precision.

Pattern Generator & Image Dithering

Create unique, seamless, royalty-free patterns.Choose a base style, then customize with colors, filters, and transforms.

CSS Gradient Generator

Gradient Generator for Linear and Radial Css Color Gradients.


Random Color Cycler. Generative color harmonies. The random color expolorer.


Beautiful and simple UI for generating web gradients.


Create and tweak CSS box-shadows.

Tint and Shade Generator

The purpose of this tool is to accurately produce tints (pure white added) and shades (pure black added) of a given hex color in 10% increments.

Film Emulator

Free online analog film emulator.


Color Scale Generator

Generate Soft-UI CSS code

avataaars generator

avataaars generator is a free online avatar generator for anyone to make their beautiful personal avatar easily.


CSS Animations on demand.


Make organic SVG shapes with Blobmaker.

Get Waves

Make some waves!

Toycamera Analogcolor

Transform your digital images to analog-like pictures.


The ‘lorem ipsum’ generator that doesn’t suck.

CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient is a happy little free tool that lets you create a gradient background for websites.

Make a smooth shadow, friend.

QR Code Generator

Create your QR Code for free.

Trianglify is a tool to generate low-poly backgrounds, textures, and vectors.


Squircley is all you need to start creating beautiful organic shapes ready to use for logos, icons and background images.


Official tensorflow implementation for CVPR2020 paper “Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Representations”

Pixel Map Generator

city roads

This website renders every single road within a city.


Free svg background generator for your websites, blogs and app.